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Book Review: Live Like Jesus

Recently I finished reading Vineyard pastor Putty Putman’s new book, “Live Like Jesus.” It was




     It will be hard to put into words how much I loved it. I will most likely be re-reading it in the not so distant future, just to enjoy it further.

putty     God has been teaching me so many of the concepts in this book for the last ten years of my life through many different books, teachings, and resources. I often say I have personally gone through a drastic reformation. Throughout this time though I have never found one single book that encapsulates all the main themes of what God has been showing me. Live Like Jesus surprised me by succinctly piecing together these key ideas — each of which I believe have potential to bring widespread change to the way Christianity is expressed in this stage of history.

I almost wish the book was titled something like Reformational Truths That Will Blow Your Mind. I think that would do much more justice to the contents of its pages! Continue reading Book Review: Live Like Jesus

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Is My Life Justified?

The sunrise is a beautiful thing. Soul-stirring, heart-aching, awe-inspiring wonder always captivates our eyes.  The frost of the night melts away, crackling, as the great furnace of the sky takes it’s dominion.  Nature rises to the call. Birds sing, insects hum, and the deer begin to stir.  Everyday this canvas of art, this savage symphony, is displayed before all of creation; yet, who will notice?

Beauty is not reality far off, nor a pleasure to be sought without hope.  Beauty is near us. God is with us.  Every moment, every second, He is speaking.  His breath creates art which dumbfounds our most intelligent scientist, and His thoughts create rhythms which echo through this great expanse we call home, all while we buzz about; ignorant, belligerent, and unaware.

The question must be asked, “What is it we children of creation are so distracted by?  Why is happiness and contentment something often one thousand miles away?”

Inside the heart of every human being is a crucial need: To justify our own existence.  We all do this in different ways: if I could just have a little more impact in my ministry; if I could be a better parent; if only I could find a spouse; when I make x_____ money this year I’ll be satisfied… and the list goes on, and on, and on.

What we often fail to realize is in our efforts to please God, or even just satisfy ourselves and fulfill our dreams and “callings,” what we’re really doing is building another tower of Babel.

The account of Babel is found in Genesis 11.  In the plain of Shinar, a great deal of people decided they should “Build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves” (verse 4).  Even in the earliest of people, there existed a desire to make something that would “ascend to heaven,” so that they could, “have a name.” For some reason, being human is just not enough.  We have to prove to somebody that we are great.  We have to justify our existence; prove our worth.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way.  What if we are enough right where we’re at. Continue reading Is My Life Justified?