Our Story


In April of 2017, Jackson Bick went to the mountains of Norway to pursue agriculture.  While working the fields in the Norwegian countryside, he received vision from God pertaining to churches in his home town, St. Louis, coming together for outdoor worship events. Upon his arrival in St. Louis, he went to work at Oasis International Ministries underneath missionary Mark Akers. As his work with Mr. Akers came to a close, he decided to launch his own non-profit: Divulge Ministries.

The original scope of the organization was rather narrow; gather churches for outdoor worship events.  However, as the Lord blew His breath, plans began to change.  A burning desire began to fill Jackson’s heart for more than just corporate worship events. Suddenly, a yearning was birthed to see a city of unified churches centralized around one thing: The Presence of Jesus Christ.

Seeking Where to Serve

While Jackson spent much of 2017 exploring what it would look like to answer the Lord’s call on his life, Destin Mouser was also asking the Lord for direction. He felt a very strong pull in his heart to return to full time ministry after several years of working in the marketplace. Both of them were growing close in friendship and often dreamed together of the future, but they did not clearly see their paths aligning.

As Jackson began working on plans to launch Divulge, he shared his ministry ideas with Destin. Destin was reminded of a lengthy prophetic word the Lord had given him in 2016 about the streets of the city being flooded with corporate worship. Destin decided to share the prophecy with Jackson via text one evening, which just so happened to be the night Jackson was being recruited to join a foreign missions organization. When Jackson got in his truck and saw the prophecy, it helped to reassure him that he was indeed called instead to stay in St. Louis and build the worship movement here.

A couple months later, Destin began to receive a whirlwind of ideas from the Lord about His plans for revival in St. Louis. With this, it hit him for the first time that Jackson’s ministry could potentially be the most fitting vehicle through which he could to serve the city and pursue all that was in his own heart. A few days later an uninformed friend randomly sent Destin a prophetic dream he had had which clearly gave Destin permission from God to consider jumping into full time service with Jackson’s non-profit that was about to form. The two talked it over, sought counsel from several pastors, and felt a strong “go-ahead” to begin forming Divulge together.

Sharpening in Vision

Weeks later, Destin was journaling and had the thought, “What we really want to do with Divulge is not to just have outdoor worship events. It’s more ‘big picture’ than that. I think what is really in our heart is to unite various parts of the Church and help them in the ways they are working to build a more Presence-centered, grace-based, Kingdom-minded expression of faith in our region.” Destin noted these values in his journal but said nothing to Jackson about it.

A few days later Jackson called Destin and said, “You know, I’d been somewhat discouraged about starting this ministry and was feeling unsure that it was really something God would bless. I was praying about it and I felt that He spoke to my heart, ‘Son, this ministry is about much more than just the worship events. It’s about building the Presence-centered, grace-based, Kingdom-minded worship movement that is growing in this city.” Jackson wrote those three core values down on his whiteboard and sent Destin a picture of it.

Needless to say, both Destin and Jackson knew they were on the same page and had received clarity from God as to what their mission is. From there they began taking steps to pursue the dream God was giving them, making the necessary lifestyle and career changes to give themselves fully toward this task. And thus in February of 2018, Divulge Ministries was officially formed as an organization!