An Intro to Divulge…

Welcome to our website! For those of you who are unfamiliar with our organization, we thought we’d tell you a little about ourselves. Continue reading to learn a bit about our big-picture vision and about the ways we are living that vision out.

To put it simply, Divulge is a ministry about platforms. Our aim is to elevate and showcase God’s beautiful Presence before our city and to the nations. Currently, we are primarily doing this by creating monthly worship spaces where Jesus can be seen in a fresh light and experienced in tangible ways. At these events we set the stage for His Spirit to show up and for His people to encounter His love. Check out our two main forms of worship gatherings that we host — our burns and our strikes — both described in greater detail further below.

As a ministry, we are also developing media platforms to showcase God’s radiant saints themselves. We believe the Body of Christ is full of great glory. Every part is carrying something unique that is worth bringing attention to so we can all learn from each other and marvel at what the Lord is doing among us. Through our media platforms — our website, podcast, videos and in our upcoming print publication — we want to celebrate and give honor to the powerful revival movement that is stirring in our area. We want to provide a place where cutting edge, creative, Kingdom-minded individuals and organizations can be recognized and heard. Our desire is to fan the flame on all that is being done to advance Christ’s reign across our region.

Find out more about our various ministry efforts below…

MEDIA PLATFORMS: Our main hub for media content is currently our website, where we publish an array of articles, videos, podcasts, and our announcements about upcoming events. See our website’s main feed for our most recent posts, or visit our media page to browse several categories of content we have produced and collected. We are in the process of further developing a quarterly print publication that will be available for subscription, and are also presently very active on social media.

FRIDAY NIGHT STRIKE: Each week we send out one or two different teams of revivalists to hit the streets and show Christ’s love to the public. Most weeks we choose one of three popular shopping and dining areas in our city where we practice engaging the locals with friendliness, kindness, offers for prayer, prophetic encouragement and spiritual conversations. This is a great outlet for those looking to express their passion for missions on the homefront.

Our teams are practicing our faith boldly and proactively looking for opportunities to stop and care for our neighbors as God highlights them to us. Once a month we also join in on the worship strike events to offer assistance in building connection with bystanders who join or pass by the events.

WORSHIP STRIKES: Our worship strikes are where we publicly release a celebration of God’s goodness, pushing back darkness with the sound of wild praise and thanksgiving. Almost every month we host at least one of these strikes, taking extensive time to share our love affair with the Lord with our surrounding community and inviting all those around to join in on the party.

Part of our vision is to facilitate an atmosphere where hearts are touched by the nearness of God, whether for a mass of people or simply for a street corner. We pick a wide variety of neighborhoods and venues to show up in each month, and stay anywhere from 2 to 8 hours there in worship and adoration. Sometimes we offer free food, ministry, or artistic performances, and sometimes we just spontaneously pour our devotion out to the Lord through song and instrument. Ultimately, we simply want to make it normal to hear Jesus being magnified all throughout the city.

WORSHIP BURNS: Our worship burns (hosted in partnership with Civil Righteousness) are less about impacting the public and more about savoring God’s nearness together as a community of believers. We spend a whole night once a month (from 8pm on a Friday until 8am the following morning) focused on lifting our gaze and communing with the Lord. A different musical team leads a set every two hours, and attendees are welcome to come or go as they please throughout the night. These events are designed to provide a central hub for worshippers from around the city to simply unite at and grow in their passion for His Presence.

COMMUNITY BUILDING: We have also been involved with several other forms of ministry related to our vision of fanning the flames of the revival in our region. We’ve facilitated networking events for strategic-thinking Christian leaders, we’ve held training intensives on subjects related to the ministry we carry out, we’ve helped develop small-group worship and fellowship, we’ve led worship and prayer for other ministries and churches in our city, and we’ve engaged in ongoing one-on-one discipleship efforts. Each of these activities are things we look forward to developing further in the future as we build relationships with those seeking to help us serve St. Louis into its destiny.

See our upcoming event dates and details here.


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