“You’ve got this, beloved! You’re an overcomer. You’re a powerful person. There is nothing that controls you, nothing that holds you back from courage, confidence, restfulness or love. You have EVERYTHING you need for life and godliness in Christ.

     “Where you are weak, I am strong. Where you lack, my super-abundant grace supplies and overflows. I’ll not let you down.

    “Rise and shine. Live to the full. Keep ticking off the enemy, showing him how completely un-manipulatable you are. Stand firm, and having done all, continue to stand.

    “And remember — you can pay attention to your body and your emotions. However, they do not control your actions. You are both mindful and you are self-controlled. Your feelings are important, but they do not drive you. My leadership and a healthy sense of self-love are what move you.

    “Be at peace. I’ve given you a sound mind. You are fully capable to handle what lies ahead… for you are never handling it alone.”

— Dad

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