My Flawless Masterpiece

“There’s nothing you could do to make me love you more, my child. I’m not waiting for you to change. I’m not waiting for you to perform at all or to produce anything. I’m overjoyed merely at the thought of who you are right now. I am having a party everyday — just because you exist. You are so worth celebrating and so worth showcasing.

“You are not your calling. You are not your assignments. You are not even your relationships. You are my kid. That’s reason enough for me to be excited. On top of that, to also have your constant attention, trust and adoration… it’s just the most incredible feeling!

“I love that you want to serve me, and I love that you want to grow and heal as an individual. I don’t want you to think of yourself though as still being ‘lacking’ in some sense. Drive that notion out of your head, out of your being. It’s simply not true.

“You are a gift to me, a gift to your communities, and a gift to generations to come. And you don’t even have to try to be. I made you that way and I am so proud of how you’ve turned out. You are my flawless masterpiece, and I couldn’t be happier with you.”

— Dad


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